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Our projects

Find out what projects are currently underway in the lil lab! 

Impact of parental leave on the overall health of the child: What are the mechanisms?

Mother-child research center of the University of Sherbrooke (CREME)

This project examines the impact of parental leave on the health of children.

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Inclusion of students with disabilities or social maladjustments or learning difficulties (HDAA): Better understand self-determination needs to promote academic success and perseverance

Concerted Action Program, Quebec Research Fund – Science and Culture (FRQSC)

This study aims to better understand the mechanisms of satisfaction of self-determination needs by examining the adequacy between the educational and social contexts in the school environment and the characteristics of students with disabilities or with adjustment or learning difficulties.

Contribution of parenting skills and school support services to the adaptive functioning of at-risk students, by type of vulnerability and gender

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

This study tests the hypothesis that complementary educational services offered as a continuation of the Incredible Years program contribute to maintaining the effects of this intervention program in the long term.

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School-family collaboration: What effects on the success of vulnerable boys and girls at school entry?

Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS)

This project examines the extent to which collaborative practices between the teacher and the family promote the academic success of children.

The Relationship Between Child Care Attendance and the Path to Successful Adulthood: Do the Effects of Child Care Presence Extend to Post-Secondary Education?   

Employment and Social Development Canada

This study examines the association between formal and informal educational services attended in childhood and pursuit of post-secondary education.

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