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The relationship between childcare attendance and the path to a successful adult life: Do the effects of childcare presence extend to post-secondary education?   

In the Multilateral Framework for Early Learning and Child Care, Canadian federal, provincial and territorial ministers have recognized the link between the quality of early learning and child care (ELCC) systems and the promotion of the optimal development of the child.


To help support the Framework's guiding principles, Employment and Social Development Canada's departmental research plan highlights the importance of conducting research that helps families meet their child care needs, and improve understanding of the long-term impact of child care on development in the Canadian context.


This project examines the relationship between the type of child care received in early childhood and the pursuit of post-secondary education.  

High School Students_edited.jpg

Project Resources

Report submitted to Employment and Social Development Canada

Early Childcare Enrollment and the Pursuit of Higher Education : A Canadian Longitudinal Study

Article published on Vanier Institute website

Article published on Scientia website

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