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Contribution of parenting skills and school support services to the adaptive functioning of at-risk students, by type of vulnerability and gender

This project is part of a study begun 6 years ago on the implementation and evaluation of a parenting skills training program ( These Incredible Years ) to help parents support the preparation school of their children, identified as vulnerable in terms of school readiness.


The present study aims on the one hand, to establish the long-term effect of this training program in parenting skills on the social and school adaptation of vulnerable children once in primary school. On the other hand, it explores the impact of student support educational services on the adjustment of these children by examining the effects of the program with or without receiving complementary educational services in primary school.


An important practical impact of the project will be to determine whether the school preparation component of the program These Incredible Years deserves to be deployed on a larger scale for vulnerable children, as well as the need to link it to support services in the school environment. .  

Parents and Daughter_edited.jpg

Project Resources

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Incredible Years and School Service on Vulnerable Profiles

How are the services received by vulnerable boys and girls from preschool age associated with behaviors externalized at school age?

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